What is this videoconference portal?

This videoconference portal is a worldwide internet based application for videoconference users. This portal is especially made for your company and contains all the videoconferencing details within your company worldwide.

It gives you easy access to all details and specifications of these videoconferencing equipment, locations, room numbers contact persons, phone numbers etc.

Besides showing all the details it gives you the possibility of booking multiconferences or setting up call launches (when you don't want to make your own point to point connection but just come in and see the other site!) The application automatically sends e-mails to the invited persons in this meeting.

If there are any problems with the system you can check the problem solving menu. If you want an additional manual you can print this from this menu.

Every new system within your company will be added to the site within two working days. This means that it is always an up to date file!